Does Your Business Rely on "Launches" to Hit Revenue Goals?

Do you feel like your launch cycles are boom or bust?

Does your revenue make you feel like you're in a constant state of  feast or famine? 

Do you have a plan for sharing your content with people  who want to buy your offerings?

What if you had an expert who could help you create automated marketing funnels to help you maximize your revenue potential, target your ideal customers and ultimately help you actually achieve your business goals?

Hi, I'm Jamie DuBose -
Launch Strategist, Sales Funnel Architect
& Marketing Automation Specialist.

I create high-performing marketing & sales funnels for entrepreneurs who want to make better business decisions based on data & behavior-driven metrics.

Zenplicity can help you create solid, effective, customized marketing funnels that help you  identify & connect with your perfect clients, sell more products/services, and create a customer experience that makes it easy for them to tell others how awesome you are.

We focus on targeting, segmenting, and nurturing your subscribers so you can make more money by harnessing the power of marketing automation