Hi, I'm Jamie DuBose!

I'm CEO and Founder of Zenplicity, the digital marketing agency that helps profitable entrepreneurs build funnels that engage and encourage people to take action (without being weird or pushy).


We help clients create targeted, segmented marketing campaigns to help them sell a variety of offers, from 1:1 packages to group programs and other offers.

We specialize in email nurture strategy and execution -- we understand the value of tracking and measuring behavior-based metrics to see whether campaigns are successful (or not).

We love working in collaboration and strategic partnership with clients because it allows us to go deep with clients rather than just come on for a blip in the timeline of their marketing plan (i.e. a launch or a particular campaign for various objectives).

Our clients are creative and passionate about what they do, and they're doing big things that are making an impact in the world through their expertise.

We bridge the gap between qualitative biz goals and quantitative data.

Why Choose Zenplicity?

  • We believe in the power of strategic partnership.
  • Our client relationships are built on a foundation of collaboration, communication, and high quality work with minimal errors.
  • We believe in the importance of proactively communicating with our clients to deliver solutions, ideas, and strategies that will increase productivity, maximize profit, and improve systems.
  • We pride ourselves on paying close attention to details and delivering the best experience in customer interaction, whether we’re working directly with clients or their team members and vendors.
  • You won’t find a one-solution-fits all approach – we offer customized packages and services for business owners who are ready to move into the next level of success.

How Zenplicity Was Born

My husband and I had the good fortune of moving to Hawaii one month after we got married.

I had just graduated college in May of that same year, and I thought for SURE I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to take this shiny new Criminology degree (magna cum laude at that!) and I was going to work for a federal agency as an intel analyst, doing some really cool stuff, eventually working my way up that coveted career ladder. That whole marriage thing kinda put a damper on that.

Then something started to shift and I began to feel uncomfortable or edgy. Deep down I knew I had a purpose that I wasn’t fulfilling. So, over many Jamba Juice dates with my bestie, Stephenie, I decided it was time for me to look for a part time job.

She told me about a gig working in the home office of a local business doing secretarial and clerical work, data entry and the like.

I got to play on the computer all day, entering orders from back-of-the-room sales and calling people to let them know we had a failed payment on their account…you know, the stuff EVERYONE loves to do in the office. The software that this business was using was something called Infusionsoft - which at the time, I had never heard of.

Fast forward to today, and it’s one of the key components of how we’re able to successfully support clients and build high-performing, targeted marketing campaigns that have been responsible for well into multiple 6 and 7 figures of revenue for clients.

AboutI enjoyed my work so much that I found myself almost being a little too excited. I would show up to work EARLY, organize the supply cabinet, get the shipping done more efficiently and share my ideas for growing company and it all. fell. flat.

I was told (but not told) in so many words that I was just the admin assistant. My ideas didn’t have any worth or value to this company and they didn’t appreciate me for my gifts and passions that came so naturally…especially when they’re coupled with my desire to nurture relationships and help with the mutual benefit of company and team growth.

As fate (or, the Navy) would have it, we got orders to MD the next year. My boss wanted me to stay on the team and work from home, but I turned in the last two-week notice I would ever give an employer.

With a newborn in tow and a spark for freedom and flexibility that would let me blend my passion for supporting clients virtually and raise my family without sacrificing time with my daughter, Zenplicity was born.

The lessons I learned from that job would shape my business philosophy and agency for years to come.

I’m here to tell you there’s a smarter, simpler way to do business.

There is a way to do business that puts relationships first…in online marketing and selling.

I want to teach you how marketing, membership, and metrics play a specific and important role in helping you grow a sustainable business that pays dividends not only in money, but in joy and customer relationships and satisfaction.

Our Company Values

How we do business as individuals and as a company matters.

The supply chain of service, technology, software, and support matters. 

When we choose to spend our dollars and invest in companies who share this same belief system, we can create economic change that will shatter the patriarchal stereotypes and white supremacy belief systems that are so deeply ingrained in our society.

Whether you're considering using us to support you with marketing strategy, buying one of our programs or membership, or joining our team, here you'll gain an understanding of where we stand on issues relating to humanity, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Where We Stand

We believe that every human being deserves to be loved and safe, regardless of race, religion, identity, or socioeconomic status. 

We believe that Black Lives Matter. 

We believe that every human should have equitable access to education so they can help defy stereotypes and make the world a better place for us all. 

We believe in supporting all voices, including those in Black, Hispanic, Indigenious and LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities.

Zenplicity's Core Values

These Core Values are the filter for everything we do at Zenplicity. 

Family - Family is and always will be the most important thing in our lives. 

Flexibility - We can adapt our thoughts and solutions to any situation as a response to external situations that we cannot control.

Intentionality - We move, communicate and work with purpose to align our actions with our goals as well as client goals. 

Collaboration - Everyone has something valuable to contribute on the team, and we give everyone room to use their uniqueness to find the best solution to problems.

Simplicity - Simple solutions that work are more valuable than complex solutions that are flawed.


I just loved working with Jamie and Team Zen because they are so organized, linear, and step-by-step and yet they can see the big picture - I really, really love that.

Elma Mayer | NowHealing.com

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