You're a Successful Business Owner...

You’ve invested hundreds (thousands?) of dollars on the best coaching and mastermind programs on the market.
They’re preaching things like:
“Build your brand! Build your team!”
“Focus on revenue generating activities!”
“The key to business success is knowing your ideal client!”
You don’t want another Rah Rah Strategy Session, you just want more money in your bank account without having to work all the damn time.
You’ve put hard work – a lot of work – and energy (and sleepless nights!) to organize your launch plan for that new product, you spent hours writing all of those promotional emails. Those conversations with your prospective buyers always seem to go well, but you hear crickets when it’s time for them to press the “buy button”.
You don’t need another coaching program.
You don’t need another mentor to “take you to the next level”.
You don’t want to learn more marketing, you just want to sell more stuff.

You Need Smart Marketing Automation

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 4.33.58 PMI’m Jamie DuBose, CEO & Marketing Automation Specialist here at Zenplicity, and I help business owners like you automate their marketing and sales funnels so they can make more money.
I create marketing funnels, but it doesn’t stop there. Together, we create smarter business.
After facilitating multiple-6 and 7-figure program launches and creating high-performing, effective funnels since 2011, I know that every business is unique. That’s why I dive deep to formulate a marketing strategy is carefully designed based on your business model & revenue goals.

Let Zenplicity help you create strategic automated ways to target, segment, educate (and ultimately sell to!) audiences that are aligned with your products &  offerings.

Meet Team Zen...

Jamie DuBose
CEO & Zen Master

She's the perfect balance between a Type A organized, logical thinker & Type B creative visionary. That's probably why she loves connecting with clients on their big business vision and the marketing plan & metrics tracking that will get them there.

Some of her favorite things include exploring beaches in beautiful San Diego, sampling craft beer & wine, and hanging out with her family.

Karen Sergeant
Smooth Biz Operator & Project Manager

As our Smooth Biz Operator, Karen streamlines our daily work and does her best to keep us all in-line (ha!).

Off-hours (which really is anytime) she’s always sneaking away to read a book in her comfy chair, and is probably one of the few people on earth to be a super-fan of both mixed martial arts and Masterpiece Theatre. (She can also out-Tolkien just about everyone we know.)

Blanca BrenesOperations Assistant & Tech Wizard

Blanca is tech savvy and loves figuring things out. She's our go-to person for the down and dirty detail work. 

When she's not using fancy excel spreadsheet formulas or formatting & finalizing the perfect email in your marketing funnel, you can find her exploring museums or catching a play at the local theatre. She also loves classic cocktails (think: sidecar, dark & stormy and french 75) and spending time with her hubby. 

Charlene PapastephanouSocial Media Assistant & Marketing Muse

With a love for entrepreneurs, connecting to the social media community, and creating fun + gorgeous graphics, it’s no wonder Charlene fell into place at Zenplicity!

Once described as whimsical, she's completely taken and encompassed that description! Her creative spirit finds joy in singing with two L.A. a cappella groups; losing herself in musical theatre & New Kids on the Block concerts; and spending days with her husband at Disneyland, Harry Potter, or Gilmore Girls town pop-ups with cups of hot Starbucks coffee in hand!

Why Choose Zenplicity?

  • We believe in the power of strategic partnership.
  • Our client relationships are built on a foundation of collaboration, communication, and high quality work with minimal errors.
  • We believe in the importance of proactively communicating with our clients to deliver solutions, ideas, and strategies that will increase productivity, maximize profit, and improve systems that work towards a common goal – working smarter, not harder.
  • Our team prides itself on paying close attention to details and delivering the best experience in customer interaction, whether we’re working directly with clients or their team members and vendors.
  • You won’t find a one-solution-fits all approach – we offer customized packages and services for business owners who are ready to move into the next level of success.

"I just loved working with Jamie and Team Zen because they are so organized, linear, and step-by-step
and yet they can see the big picture - I really, really love that."

- Elma Mayer,

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