Which one of the following sentences are you constantly telling yourself...

AccessAlly"My business is at a point where I’m ready to migrate from our current 3rd party course / membership software to a solution that’s more customized and housed on our own website." 

"I love DIY’ing the tech projects in my business, but I’m growing so quickly, and I just don’t have the time to dedicate to doing it myself anymore. I’m ready to hire an expert to support me." 

"I’ve been duct taping systems and software together for years, and I’m finally ready to hire an expert to help me consolidate and select the right tools that will be the right fit for me."


If you find yourself saying any of them, you’re in the right place!

Zenplicity has been helping clients share, sell and teach what they love through customized membership sites using our 6-part Membership Strategy Framework since 2015.

Over the years, we’ve helped clients like Todd Herman, Selena Soo, Tracy Matthews, and other service providers and coaches design, build and maintain membership sites that house tens of thousands of members using the AccessAlly plugin.

Let’s create a membership site that’s built for growth & profitability.

Zenplicity specializes in membership engagement and retention — we understand the value of implementing a membership strategy that focuses on engagement and usability for members. 

We also believe in the power of tracking and measuring behavior-based metrics to produce rapid growth, as well as identify areas for improvement. 


But we need to start with Strategy…

As a Membership Site Expert, it’s not my job to convince you that this is your next right business step.

It *is* my job to help you understand how a membership site will impact your business and what it really takes to plan, launch, and continue running it to see positive results from your decision.

When we work with clients on customized membership site projects, our first step is always a Membership Site Strategy Session.

During our initial strategy call to revisit your vision for the project, architect the unique journey your members will take, and confirm that your wishes for certain features can be accomplished with the technology we’ve chosen to implement for their project.

Let’s talk about Technology...

After building membership sites for clients since 2015, we’ve seen and used it all when it comes to online marketing and membership site software.

This experience has shown us which tools and technology are the best fit for our clients, and they make up our preferred “Tech Stack”. 

We use AccessAlly WordPress Membership Site Plugin for our membership sites. 

We use AccessAlly WordPress Membership Site Plugin for our membership sites.


I'm Jamie DuBose, CEO & Founder of Zenplicity!


I help profitable entrepreneurs become more sustainable through marketing, membership, and metrics. As an AccessAlly Certified Partner, I've had the pleasure of supporting clients with their membership site projects since 2015.

I believe that every entrepreneur has a unique opportunity to use the membership site model to diversify and scale their business, and I would be honored to help you fulfill your dreams of passive income and community growth.

I’m passionate about supporting my clients because I know their goals and dreams are actually possible when they take time to build the RIGHT customized membership site for THEIR audience, product or offering, and preferred content delivery methods.


Building a membership site can be one of the biggest investments of time, money and energy that you'll make in your business.

And it makes business owners feel the most stress and confusion because there are so many options and “done for you” blueprints or site templates that overlook the uniqueness and individuality of your business and the membership site you’re envisioning.

My team and I are here to stop the confusion and help you design and create the perfect membership site so you can continue to build a business that gives you the freedom and flexibility (and income!) you want without drowning in the details of doing it yourself.

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