My client Lacy Boggs was approached by a business colleague who was interested in promoting Lacy’s course, the Content Intelligence Academy, to her audience.  Lacy hadn’t re-launched this particular course in over 3 years, since her focus shifted to supporting clients through more customized Strategy Sessions while her agency copywriters worked on content creation and ghostwriting for clients looking to outsource their content marketing implementation. The following case study will give you a glimpse into our simple promotion strategy we implemented for this impromptu program launch.
Case Study: A Successful & Simple Promotion Strategy

Promotion Strategy: Pre-Launch

During one of my monthly strategy calls with Lacy, we decided that it couldn’t hurt to re-launch the program to her list in addition to having the JV Partner promote it too. The JV Partner wanted to host a live webinar to her audience, and she agreed that we could promote the webinar to Lacy’s list -- a win:win -- since the webinar registration was being handled through the Partner’s CRM and any registrants would be added to her email list. 

Our email marketing strategy was a simple webinar invitation + promotional campaign. The webinar date would open the cart, and there would be a very short window for sales (5 days, to be exact).  

For segmentation, we included all of Lacy’s subscribers who had not already purchased the CIA Course. During the promotional campaign, we were tracking for behavior metrics that indicated warmer interest in the offer. 

Promotion Strategy: Launch 

We kicked off our launch campaign with 3 webinar invitation emails starting 1 week before the webinar date. 

350 subscribers registered for the webinar. 

60 registrants attended the webinar live. 

The webinar replay was sent to everyone and was made available for a limited time to non-attendees. We sent this email the evening of the webinar date. 

Then we sent 5 promotional emails on 4 consecutive days. Yes, we sent 5 emails back to back with minimal unsubscribes. This is why it’s so important to have an engaged email list. Because Lacy has a good relationship with her subscribers, and because she produces regular content that she shares each week, the list was conditioned to hear from her on a more regular basis. 

Two days before the cart closed, we segmented a small group of subscribers who had engaged with any of the previous promotional emails, and we sent them an additional email. Because our time frame was so short, this was the only additional email we sent to a segment of warm subscribers. 

Post-Launch Metrics Review

Here’s an overview of our post-launch metrics. 

Email Marketing Stats

The overall campaign open rate was 37%. 

The overall campaign click rate was 5.19%. 

The average campaign open rate was 15%. 

The average click rate was 1%. 

Nor surprisingly, the best performing email was the segmented email that we sent to our warm prospects. It clocked in with an open rate of 71%. 

Buyer Conversions

The sales page converted at 4.4% which is great, considering industry standards sit around the 2.35% mark. 

JV Partner Stats 

The JV Partner sold 30% of the total sales. 

That 30% of sales came on the last day of cart open.

Timing & Impact of Sales 

The graph below shows us the days that resulted in sales, and you can easily see that 70% of the total sales came during the final promotional days.

Case Study: A Successful & Simple Promotion Strategy

Promotion Strategy Take-Aways 

Overall, we considered this launch campaign a success for my client. Since this launch wasn’t on our official marketing plan, it was fun to test what would happen if we used a simple strategy for promoting instead of putting in all of the “bells and whistles” for a robust launch strategy. 

Our promotion strategy for this impromptu launch proved three important points: 

  1. Simple launches can still be effective & produce revenue.
  2. Timing & scarcity limitations should always be included in a promotion strategy. 
  3. Day before and Day of cart close emails positively correlated with the number of sales that happen at the end of the promotional period. 

If you’re considering a mini launch for your subscribers, try out the promotion strategy we used for this time sensitive launch. You might be surprised at the results! 

Are you interested in exploring this simple launch strategy for your upcoming launch? Let's book a free consultation to talk about it.

About the Author:

Jamie DuBose is the CEO, Launch Strategist & Marketing Automation Specialist at Zenplicity. She helps profitable entrepreneurs make strategic marketing decisions that consistently improve their business & increase their revenue. Her expertise lies in creating targeted, high-performing campaigns that track & use behavior-based subscriber metrics to sell more units to a more engaged audience.
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