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See what our Zenplicity Clients are saying about Jamie and Team Zen!

A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of the people we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. You are what fuels us, inspires us, and keeps us on fire for helping others.

Happy Clients

With Jamie's help, we saw much higher engagement during this pre-launch video series than in previous launches of the same product.

I worked with Jamie to plan out the funnel strategy for a recent launch, and she was a breeze to work with. She's super organized, totally "on it," and has a strategic marketing mind.

With Jamie's help, we saw much higher engagement during this pre-launch video series than in previous launches of the same product. And the best part? Jamie did it ALL herself -- meaning, I didn't have to fiddle with Infusionsoft campaigns or have to learn any new software. It was a huge relief for me and I was so grateful to have her on my team.

Melyssa Griffin
Happy Clients

I am so grateful that FEA partnered with Jamie DuBose and Zenplicity!

Her marketing knowledge and Infusionsoft expertise was a tremendous help, and we were able to reorganize our systems in order to use Infusionsoft more effectively in our marketing. It was so valuable knowing more details about our marketing metrics and conversions, and that played a big role in the success of our launches this past year. Her strategic support has helped us significantly grow our membership, and I appreciate all that she’s contributed to the FEA Team.

Carrie Green
CEO, Founder of the Female Entrepreneur

Dr. Josh Satterlee was kind enough to send us this awesome video testimonial after completing a Zenplicity Strategy Session.

Happy Clients

Jamie is a huge asset to the bottom line of my business!

As with any business, there's an ebb and flow with expenses/revenue, and when I had a couple lean months on the horizon and was looking for ways to reduce costs, there was no question that I was KEEPING Jamie's services. She's not an expense - she's an INVESTMENT to my business because her work makes me money.

Lacy Boggs, Copywriter
Happy Clients

Jamie's team is incredibly friendly, detailed, prompt, organized and fun! We were done ahead of schedule with no setbacks!

We had three months to pull together a full 24-day course, along with our optin email sequences, promotional email sequences and the course sequences themselves.

So, I went looking for an "Ally" to help get the course together and found Jamie and the Zenplicity team on the AccessAlly website.

Jamie fit our team perfectly and expertly setup AccessAlly with the course modules, and all the connections without CRM. Jamie's team constructed our email sequences in the CRM and provided training videos on how to use it all in the future. We had an unusual request that the team handled with joy and enthusiasm.

Jamie's team is incredibly friendly, detailed, prompt, organized and fun! We were done ahead of schedule with no setbacks!

Happy with her services, we went on to hire Jamie to consult with us for a full day to work out our game plan and strategies for marketing and moving forward with our product. I highly recommend Zenplicity.

Tammy Perry
Happy Clients

I love working with Jamie!

Because of her, we’re making smarter marketing decisions based on email analytics and customer trends. I love that Jamie comes to the table with thoughtful, strategic ideas that move our business forward. Thank you!

Selena Soo
Happy Clients

Jamie is a major part of the success I’ve had.

She is my admin, tech, and systems savior, and I can’t imagine life without her! Working with Jamie is an absolute dream. She is unfailingly smart, quick, and full of good ideas (not to mention all hooked up with inside sources at key companies).

I regularly email her with several new harebrained schemes a week, and she never bats an eye. Instead, she simply says “no problem – we can do that,” (in her sweet Southern accent) and promptly makes it happen. Jamie is a major part of the success I’ve had with The Girl’s Guide to Web Design, and I’m so happy to have her on board for the ride! You should really hire this woman. Like…yesterday.

Amanda Aitken
Happy Clients

Now I know why her business is called Zenplicity - working with her was seamless and easy!

I’ve hired Jamie several times over the past 3 years to help me with projects like membership site integrations and Infusionsoft migration from another email marketing platform. Trying to figure out how to configure Infusionsoft by myself was daunting and overwhelming for me. I knew I needed to hire someone to help me, and Jamie made the entire process easy for me to focus on my business while she handled the details of our projects. I would absolutely hire her again for my Infusionsoft projects!

Tracy Matthews
Happy Clients

All hail Jamie DuBose, Infusionsoft savior of the world!!!!

Jamie, thank you SO much for taking away ALL my stress and anxiety in just 7 short minutes.

Rachel Luna
Happy Clients

Jamie understands the "overall view" of marketing. She knows lead generation, how to structure funnels and has an excellent grounding in direct marketing techniques.

I hired Jamie for a consulting job recently as I was under some time pressure and the Infusionsoft implementation had to be done the right way, the first time with no mistakes. Within two hours, she had a whole order funnel set up for hard products, and she was gracious enough to provide a bit of support and keep my customers happy - all after the fact. She was also quite patient with all my questions and took the time to teach me how to do it so I could monkey around with the funnel in the future on my own if needed.

Jamie understands the "overall view" of marketing. She knows lead generation, how to structure funnels and has an excellent grounding in direct marketing techniques. This is sorely lacking in not only Infusionsoft's support, but also most Infusionsoft consultants out there. It's great to get the tech stuff done, but if you're doing the wrong thing from a marketing standpoint, you're not only pointed in the wrong direction, you'll lose time and business and have to start over from scratch in the future.

In any business, time is money. And if getting something done the right way the first time is important to you, I highly recommend hiring Jamie.

T.J. Lucier
Happy Clients

If you’re looking for a super-reliable, smart, friendly team of women to represent you with integrity (while you do the stuff ONLY you can do), you need Zenplicity!

Before I met Jamie, I was hesitant to delegate my customer care to anybody. I’d built my whole business on communicating and connecting directly with my clients and readers. It was hard to imagine anyone taking care of them as well as I could! Then came time to launch my first course.

I KNEW that to really focus my energy where it needed to be, I needed to find the right someone(s) to handle the inbox and keep everybody as happy as possible.” Enter Team Zen. After talking with Jamie for about two minutes, I knew I could trust her (and her team!).

Once we were up and rolling, it was such a HUGE relief to know that Team Zen had my back – making sure my students were all taken care of.

Nikki Elledge Brown, Communication Stylist
Happy Clients

Creative problem-solver, business care magician and professional stress remover. Jamie is all those things and more.

When your business gets busy, Jamie will bring you the peace of mind you need to know you can handle it. She’s a seasoned pro in the art of taking care of business and she’ll take care of yours as if it was her own. With Jamie’s help, I can step away with confidence when needed. She gets it, you don’t have to ask twice and she just gets things done with brilliance. Her standards are high and she’s relentless in finding the best outcome for every project.

What more can you ask for? If you’re looking for someone who not only gets your tasks done, but also goes above and beyond to make sure you’re fully supported, you need to hire Zenplicity!

Sophie Bujold, Social Media Expert
Happy Clients

Working with Jamie always leaves me feeling energized, excited, and supported. I'm always in awe of how she turns my crazy magical ideas into reality.

When I went to Jamie, I was in a place where I wanted to create something that could serve more people and be a lower price point for those who wanted to work with me. I also was ready to bring in a little more income 'on the side' ... but only with work that aligned with me and what I truly love to share.

That's when her idea for an online membership community was brought to the table. It felt like such a yes! It allowed more people to work with me, at a low monthly price for them, but a nice chunk of extra income coming in each month for my business. It also has given me a place to consistently create and connect ... and I only see it growing from here.

Jamie knows all the things I don't. And she can create in a way that feels like magic to me. Making the impossible possible and the overwhelming simple. (Plus, she is fluent in the tech language ... so can create powerfully and do the back-end stuff that leaves me frustrated and confused.)

I'm grateful to have Jamie on my team for her skill, her imagination, and her energy. I would recommend her 100% for anyone who is ready to authentically grow their business, serve more people, and bring in more money. The ultimate win-win-win.

Elizabeth Johnson
Happy Clients

If you want to grow your business then you've got to do it.

If you are on the fence, just do it. No, seriously. I mean if this is what you want - if a 100% increase [in launch revenue] is what you want, if doubling your income is what you want, if you want to grow your business then you've got to do it.

Lucy McGregor
Love & Light Healing School
Happy Clients

All I can say is WOW!!!

Without Jamie’s clarity and REAL understanding of my business, I would have created objects in Infusionsoft I really didn’t need. Jamie explained what kind of funnel I needed, helped me understand why I needed to simplify things, and gave me guidance on what how my industry works. I am looking forward to getting more leads and appointments thanks to her strategy.

Jeff Redondo
Happy Clients

If you want to double your revenue, be crystal clear on priorities and sleep better at night then you should be working with Jamie DuBose.

Her behind-the-scenes brilliance is the only reason my online business is such a huge success. She takes an impossible mess and makes it wildly profitable. And with such grace and ease—there’s no one who deserves more praise and affirmation than Jamie!

Melissa DeLay
Happy Clients

I want to work with a consultant who does more than just tell me what to do; I want a STRATEGIC PARTNER. Jamie fits the bill perfectly.

The most remarkable thing about Jamie and her services is that she really is strategic. She wants to work WITH you to find the best solution for your budget and needs. She openly shares her insights, wisdom, and has excellent intuition about what’s right and what’s not when it comes to marketing and sales funnels.

I would absolutely recommend Jamie to anyone that is looking for assistance with their business strategy, operations, and marketing. You will feel so peaceful knowing that your funnels are running well so you can launch programs, products, and whatever else you’re creating. She truly is so much more than a funnel builder – she’s my partner, advisor, and friend.

Stephenie Zamora
Happy Clients

Jamie has a gift for seamlessly organizing and orchestrating all the details of a launch or a project with grace and ease.

I love my business. I love dreaming up new programs and writing newsletters, blog posts and books. I LOVE conducting delicious duo sessions on SKYPE, and delivering talks and teleclasses. Yet, when it comes to managing administrative details like auto responders, PayPal buttons, and shopping carts, or understanding HTML, RSS, and AB splits, I just want to crawl under the bed and hide.

Jamie has a gift for seamlessly organizing and orchestrating all the details of a launch or a project with grace and ease. Not only does she “virtually” hold my hand through the entire process, she patiently shows me the “how” and the “why” so that I am not left helpless (or hopeless) once the systems are in place. Working with Jamie gives me the space to focus on what I love most in my business while leaving the rest in her competent, capable hands.

Sue Ann Gleason
Happy Clients

Hiring Jamie was the best decision I made before launching my online product.

I am NOT a tech person. If I could just CREATE what I want to CREATE and let someone like Jamie handle the tech stuff in every aspect of my business, my life would be complete. Not only is Jamie a wizard with systems, she totally makes you feel taken care of. If you have a question, she answers it quickly. If you need to talk, she is on the phone with you. If you are like me and feel incompetent when it comes to tech stuff, she makes you feel like a genius in every aspect of your business.

She completely took the worry off my hands of how I was going to integrate all the systems that needed to be talking in order to make the launch happen. As a result, I was able to focus on the creating and selling. And sell I did, thanks to Jamie. If you are thinking about hiring her, don’t think. Just do it.

Erin Stutland
Happy Clients

Working with Jamie has been one of the smartest decisions I have made in my business.

Some people come into your life, and you just know they are going to be a part of it for a long time. That's how it's been with Jamie. We've worked together on various projects and launches over the years, and she is truly masterful at all things Infusionsoft and customer service - from scheduling newsletters and running launch campaigns to tracking customer and affiliate payments.

But what I value most about partnering with Jamie is that she is a true partner. And friend! She wants you to be successful and strategizes with you to make sure you accomplish your goals. She runs her business like a pro and ensures you do to and...she also understands that crises happen and never leaves you without the support you need.

If you want someone who is well versed not only in contact management but also in online business operations, membership sites, affiliate marketing, and launches, Jamie is your girl.

Alexia Vernon
Happy Clients

Working with Jamie gives me peace of mind, and that's what we all want as business owners.

Jamie is smart, tech savvy, a “can do” woman and oh-so kind and compassionate. She was invaluable in helping me set up my online classroom for my Smart Women Love Money class recently. Jamie went above and beyond to help me, and she delivered superior results. When Jamie is working on any project of mine, I know that everything will be handled beautifully and efficiently.

She will teach me anything that I do not know about the scope or flow of the project, and keeps me well informed of our progress. She also knows all the latest technology systems. I just moved my business over to Infusionsoft and Jamie knows this system as well. Being able to call on her to help me with that is huge! I am so grateful to have found her.

Sherold Barr
Happy Clients

Jamie DuBose is a life saver. She’s freaky fast, reliable, innovative and incredibly strategic.

I rely on Jamie as an integral part of my team, and she far exceeds anyone I’ve ever worked with before. She was responsible for every logistical aspect of my Soul*Full Summit. She ran the show while I relaxed and focused on what I do best. Jamie is an amazing connector.

She’s not only my right-hand-woman, but she’s my friend. Her authenticity and family devotion is refreshing, and she makes things that should be hard, simple. My programs are flawless with her at the helm, which reduces my stress and boosts efficiencies. I could go on and on, clearly I love Jamie! She flipped my business right side up.

Catherine Just
Happy Clients

I got SO much value out of our call and would have gladly paid DOUBLE for our session!

After my System Ignite phone call with Jamie, I am (yet again) BLOWN AWAY by her energy and her knowledge when it comes to…anything you ask her (seriously!)!

She is phenomenal, and if you haven’t jumped on the phone with her yet, just do it!

Nikki Groom | Word Crafter | Digital Scribe
Happy Clients

Her confidence and mastery of her art (and yes it’s an art), left me breathing a sigh of relief.

System Ignite is the perfect name for what Jamie does. She definitely ignited the launch of my new project and helped me take it from an amorphous idea into a concrete plan. I loved that she took notes while we were chatting, so I could be free to soak up all the info.

And within a matter of days, I received an amazing recap of our time together – complete with actionable next steps and ideas to help me rock my launch. The level of customization and “out of the box” suggestions was refreshing. I was inspired to make this my best launch ever!

Stephanie Watanabe
The Girl Who Knows + Lifestyle Guide | Global Curator of Beauty
Happy Clients

What a relief!! She is by far the one Business BFFs I can’t live without.

Before Jamie’s Systems Ignite session, my head was running in a million directions with no idea what to get started doing first. I was about to make major changes in my business and really needed some direction as to what I could successfully systemize as well as delegate.

In 90 minutes, we had a complete calendar set up with consistent email and social media scheduled, website content posted and my podcast organized with timelines and processes.

Jessica Kupferman | Founder | Host of Lady Business Radio

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