ELEVATE Mastermind

The Marketing Mastermind for High-Performing Service Providers

Does this sound familiar?

ELEVATE Mastermind

If you’ve been in the online marketing space for the last several years, you’ve probably come across a “marketing expert” promising you "6 and 7 figure results" through their "PROVEN 7 step Funnel Blueprint" designed to help you achieve the BEST results EVER when you REGISTER TODAY!

And you've probably rolled your eyes and given your biz bestie the side-eye while you tell her about how ridiculous it is that people are still marketing like this in 2021.

That – by definition – is Bro Marketing.

And my friend, I have some news for you: 

  • Bro Marketing isn’t the only way to run a successful online business. 
  • Bro Marketing isn’t a good fit for everyone in the online space. 
  • Bro Marketing Tactics are not sustainable for long term business growth.
ELEVATE Mastermind

 I’m launching the first cohort of my flagship program:


The marketing mastermind for high-performing service providers
who want to leave a legacy and make an impact
through their work in the world. 

ELEVATE is the Antithesis to Bro Marketing.

If you want to...

  • Have access to an expert marketing consultant (that’s me!)
  • make agile, effective changes to marketing copy and communication without draining your energy 
  • Know exactly what components to improve and refine during your next launch
  • Create sustainable traction through marketing to help you grow and scale your business 
  • Find the marketing metrics that will move the needle in your business
  • Discover a better alternative to marketing that builds relationships without feeling inauthentic.

Schedule a call with me today to see if this year-long marketing mastermind is a good fit for you.

Let’s leave these "Bro Marketing" concepts behind,
once and for all.

  • “Set it and forget it” launch strategies
  • Lead Generation based on Ad Spend, not organic conversations
  • “Funnel Hacking”
  • Scarcity Sales Tactics
  • Hyperbolic Language to push prospects toward a sale
ELEVATE Mastermind

And let’s create a marketing strategy built on your brand values, integrity and conscious communication strategies that result in a more aligned approach to sustainable business growth. 

Schedule a Discovery Call today to learn about my 8 Step Elevation Marketing Framework that will finally provide a better alternative to the sleazy, internet marketer tactics that are sooo 2013. 

Hey, there! I'm Jamie DuBose, CEO and Founder of Zenplicity.
We help service providers share, sell and teach what they love through marketing, membership and metrics.
Our clients are creative and passionate about what they do, and they’re doing big things that are making an impact in the world through their expertise.
This year-long marketing mastermind is a perfect fit for you if you're ready to start reaching your ideal clients, selling what you love, and launching with ease.


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