Go From Idea to Offering While Pivoting through Today’s Worldly Events

The Quick Start Launch Planning Workshop   

If you are ready to generate revenue quickly and strategically over the next several weeks by

1) launching a new biz idea quickly
2) pivoting current biz ideas and offerings

Listen up, my friend!

Times are a’changing! And NOW is the best time to be thinking of how you’re going to start (or continue) to offer goods & services to those who need them while using digital marketing and online solutions for selling and delivering your offerings.

This isn’t a place where I’m going to tell you about how crazy today’s current events are, or what my opinions are about how businesses can take this opportunity to turn this situation into a better one through a little optimism, a dash of grit and a splash of strategy. There’s plenty of places to find that information, and honestly, sometimes that advice isn't helpful or what you need right now.

If you’re like a lot of folks I’ve talked to over the last several days, there is an urgency for people to come together (virtually) to create something new from nothing, use our varying skill sets to support others and also support our own families, and create offerings that will help keep our small business virtual doors open.

The thought of “online business” or “virtual work” may be new to you.

After all, launching a new offering can be overwhelming at times even for the most seasoned veteran entrepreneur!

  • Maybe you run an in-person business and don’t consider yourself “techy” enough to bring your classes online.
  • Maybe you’re a coach who’s been running a successful coaching business for several years, but you want to create or amend your current offerings to be in alignment with what your clients need right now.
  • Or maybe you're just a regular person who sees this as the perfect time to finally make that hobby you’ve had for years a viable, successful, sustainable business offering, but you’re torn between the overwhelm of launching your new thing and the necessity to provide income for your family.

What if it was entirely possible for you to bring your new idea to the (online) market faster and easier without having to figure it all out yourself? 

IT IS POSSIBLE. And I want to help you do it.


An online environment where participants will learn essential strategies and skills, take guidance from a digital marketing expert and streamline their launch plans so they can quickly and effectively integrate their offer into their business & start selling it to the world.

Quick Start Launch Planning Workshop

I've been a Mamapreneur and virtual online business owner for almost 10 years. My digital marketing agency has successfully helped small business owners ranging from startups to 7 figure brands plan, launch, and fulfill online programs, membership communities, virtual services to their customers and clients.

What results can you expect after the Quick Start Launch Planning Workshop?

  • A ready-to-go product or service they can launch sooner rather than later
  • Peace of mind knowing that if they're NOT ready to immediately launch, they can start moving toward finalizing an income generating offer.
  • A launch roadmap that will eliminate some of the big questions & uncertainties they have being new to this whole thing. 
  • Confirmation in the tech set up you need to get started (or upgrade for a better experience).

In other words: YOU DO NOT NEED ALL THE THINGS you think you need before launching a new offering.

To clarify even further, you can expect revenue-generating ideas, cost savings and peace of mind opportunities all in one workshop. :)

I wish I had this training a year ago in my business!

I'm just so grateful that I did it now. The sooner you can start to implement these things into your business, the better off you're going to be because it's going to help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes that are expensive for your time and your money. Those are the two things that when you're running a small business, are hard to come by at the time.

Ashley Leavy, CEO

Love & Light Healing School


  • Idea validation - share your idea for an offering and get feedback to polish it into the perfect offering
  • Marketing + Sales - learn how to use launch strategies proven to be successful for online businesses
  • Tech Setup - decide the level of technology you're comfortable with when choosing your biz tools
  • Metrics Tracking - know exactly what you should track to see the quantitative results of your new offer
  • Fulfillment + Delivery  - decide what method of delivery works best for your offer and availability


We will meet on Zoom Video Conferencing on TUESDAY, APRIL 7, 2020 from 9am PST to 12:00pm PST.

Then we’ll break for you to have time for implementation and work time. If there’s enough interest, I’ll hold a virtual co-working zoom for us to work collectively.

I’ll also be available for Office Hours on April 7, 2020 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm PST to answer your questions, help you make decisions on any of the topics we’ve talked about during our workshop, and do whatever I can to support you.

We’ll also have a followup group Q&A Call scheduled (Time TBD).

**A quick note: if this time doesn't work for you, but you still want to register, please send me an email (jamie@zenplicitynow.com) and include what times/days would work for you. I would happily consider alternative dates and am flexible with my time over the next several weeks.**


I want to make this workshop available to those who can benefit from it while also honoring my financial responsibility to support my family and keep my business running. The pricing structure outlined below gives you three tiers of options for payment.

The first tier is “Accessible” Registration - this tier is for my friends who really want to attend this workshop and have a smaller budget to pay for this experience. 

The second tier is “ Value Aligned” Registration - this tier is in alignment with my regular pricing structure and other similar value-based offers I’ve made available in the past. 

The third tier is “Compassionate Giving” Registration - this tier is for those of you who feel a compassionate calling to support other entrepreneurs and business owners. In short: if you have more, consider giving more. 

I would love for you to join me for this Quick Start Launch Planning Workshop and pay whatever you feel is right in your heart and budget at this particular time.

Quick Start Launch Planning Workshop
I'm Jamie DuBose, CEO & Founder of Zenplicity, and I help profitable entrepreneurs become more sustainable through marketing, membership, and metrics. I create marketing funnels, but it doesn't stop there. Together, we create a smarter business. After facilitating multiple 6 and 7 figure program launches and creating high-performing funnels since 2011, I know that every business is unique. That's why I dive deep to formulate a marketing strategy that is carefully designed based on your business and revenue goals.
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