A 4-Week Marketing Immersion Program

for Service Providers, Coaches,
Visionaries & Thought Leaders

There is a smarter, simpler way to do business.

There is a way to do business that puts relationships first…in online marketing and selling.

I want to teach you how to effectively use marketing, membership, and metrics to help you grow a sustainable business that pays dividends not only in money, but customer experience and satisfaction.

For the last 8 years, I’ve been using my strategies to implement high-performing marketing and sales funnels for business owners who want to use smart email marketing automation to build results-driven relationships with highly qualified prospects in order to hit (and exceed) their business goals.


  • Create an email marketing strategy that fits your business model so you can get more high-quality leads in the door and make more money without wasting time on strategies that don’t work for your business.
  • Develop results-oriented relationships that put feelings first so you can create email communication that allows your audience to build trust and confidence in you, naturally setting you up to sell without feeling sleazy.
  • Learn how to use data to give you certainty that you’re making profit & progress toward your goals so you know you’re using strategies that are resulting in more sales.

I’ll share the strategies I’ve used with private clients to implement high-performing sales and marketing campaigns that will change the way you do digital marketing forever.

I wish I had this training a year ago in my business!

I’m just so grateful that I did it now. The sooner you can start to implement these things into your business, the better off you’re going to be because it’s going to help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes that are expensive for your time and your money. Those are the two things that when you’re running a small business, are hard to come by at the time.

Ashley Leavy, CEO

Love & Light Healing School

Workshop: an environment where participants will learn something new, take guidance from an expert and practice a new skill so they can effectively implement it into their business.

We’ll meet each week for 4 weeks and discuss a training topic with assignments that will equip and empower you to apply what you’re learning to your business. All group workshop calls will be held on 4 Wednesdays in July at 12:00pm PST through a Zoom Video Link. 

Workshop #1 – Marketing that Matters – July 10, 2019

A unique conversational approach to email marketing that helps you connect & engage with subscribers. I’ll show you how to build results-driven relationships to convert prospects rather than relying on more leads/traffic.

Workshop #2 – Metrics that Move the Needle – July 17, 2019

Set concrete marketing goals that show you what success looks like through the power of segmentation & behavior-based metrics tracking. I’ll show you how to measure & analyze metrics and use personalization techniques to talk to warm prospects and bump conversions.

Workshop #3 – Milestones that Set the Pace – July 24, 2019

A fail-proof approach to marketing milestones with a contingency plan help you stay on pace for your goals. What to do (and not do!) if you aren’t seeing the revenue and conversions you were anticipating. I’ll show you how to use data to optimize your strategy for future promotions.

Bonus Q&A Call! – July 31, 2019

A special laser-coaching session where you get answers to the questions that are keeping you stuck. I’ll give customized feedback and guidance tailored for your unique business.

Between calls, you’ll have direct access to me through Voxer so you can get assurance that what you’re doing it right! I will be there to encourage, coach and support you throughout the 4 week program.

At the end of our time together, you’ll have an optimized email marketing strategy that you’re proud of, marketing metrics and KPIs to measure your success, and you will be ready to communicate with confidence.

The topics and strategic conversations that we’ll cover during our workshops each week aren’t “one and done” frameworks or templates. You’ll be able to customize, reuse and weave these proven successful digital marketing strategies into your email nurture campaigns, offering campaigns, fulfillment campaigns, and basically anywhere that you’re creating conversations with prospects and buyers to encourage engagement and build trust in your brand.

4 Weeks of personalized marketing strategy specifically proven to work for Coaches, Visionaries, and Thought Leaders is $797.

This 4 Week Immersion Program is a fraction of what my private clients pay to work privately with me and our team at Zenplicity. The average ROI you should be seeing with your marketing investments is 5:1. Let me help you turn your investment into 5 times what you pay with the strategies and support you’ll receive over the next 4 weeks.

A special note for Coaches, Visionaries and Thought Leaders with a Team: Send your team member to the Marketing Immersion Program! If you know you need to bring new marketing strategies to your business, but you personally can’t commit to learning and showing up, this is the perfect opportunity to train your team member in proven digital marketing strategies that will equip and empower your team to support you!

If you’re wondering if this 4-Week Marketing Immersion Program is right for you or if you have any additional questions before registering, I’m always one email away! Send an email to jamie@zenplicitynow.com and we’ll set up a phone call to talk it out and help you make the best decision for you.

I’m really excited about this program because I know it will help you build the smart email  marketing automation that’s been missing in your business until now. I hope you’ll join me!

I’m Jamie DuBose, CEO & Founder of Zenplicity, and I help profitable entrepreneurs become more sustainable through marketing, membership, and metrics. I create marketing funnels, but it doesn’t stop there. Together, we create a smarter business. After facilitating multiple 6 and 7 figure program launches and creating high-performing funnels since 2011, I know that every business is unique. That’s why I dive deep to formulate a marketing strategy that is carefully designed based on your business and revenue goals.

Oh, hey! I get it…you needed to make it all the way down to the bottom of the sales page before you made a buying decision. C’mon, let’s do this. Click here to register today.

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