When you're thinking of launching a membership site, there are a lot of things to consider. 

How will you acquire new members? 

How will you keep them engaged within your community? 

And most importantly, how will your membership site help grow your business? 

In this previous post, I shared how to plan the perfect membership site, but today I want to give you some quick tips and strategies for launching a membership site that will help you achieve your business goals and help you see increased engagement and retention from your members.

Why Should You Launch a Membership Site?

Before we go any further, let's review one of the best known facts about membership sites: launching a membership site is one of the best ways to create recurring passive income in your business. They provide a "next step" for customers who have purchased one of your online courses or group programs, and they provide an opportunity for you to continue supporting your customers without relying on 1:1 services and upsells.

But in order to see the best success with your membership site, you need to have a membership site that is designed for growth. Here are some tips for launching a membership site that will help you stand out from your competitors:

Use an existing customer base: 

One of the best ways to acquire new members for your membership site is to tap into your existing customer base. If you have customers who have already purchased an online course or group program from you, they are likely to be interested in joining your membership community. You can promote your membership site to your existing customers through email marketing, social media, or even through a simple announcement on your website.

Keep it exclusive: 

One way to keep your membership community engaged is to make it exclusive. This means that only members will have access to certain content or features on your site. This exclusivity will create a sense of community and belonging among your members, and it will also encourage them to keep coming back to your site.

Offer valuable content: 

In order for your membership community to be successful, you need to offer members valuable content that they can't find anywhere else. This content could include exclusive access to you, supplemental courses, video tutorials, or even discounts on products and services. Whatever you decide to offer, make sure it is high quality and appealing to your customers.

Promote community interaction: 

Another way to keep your membership community engaged is to promote community interaction. This could include forums, member directories, or a private members only Facebook Group. By promoting community interaction, you'll encourage members to interact with each other and build relationships. This sense of community will keep members coming back to your site.

I hope you feel inspired and excited to consider launching your membership site now that you have a better understanding of what components will help you see increased engagement, retention and growth!


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About the Author:

Jamie DuBose is the CEO, Launch Strategist & Marketing Automation Specialist at Zenplicity. She helps profitable entrepreneurs make strategic marketing decisions that consistently improve their business & increase their revenue. Her expertise lies in creating targeted, high-performing campaigns that track & use behavior-based subscriber metrics to sell more units to a more engaged audience.
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