I don't really care what you want to call it...

Marketing Consultant, Strategist, Partner, Advisor...

I will help you make better business decisions that consistently increase your revenue and improve your business.
Are you curious about how Zenplicity supports busy CEOs and business owners like you? We’ve been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients over the years. Zenplicity started out as a Virtual Assistant company back in 2011 and has since evolved into a Boutique Marketing Agency that focuses on helping clients formulate and implement marketing strategies & techniques to consistently improve their business and increase revenue.
I’m Jamie DuBose, Launch Strategist & Marketing Systems Specialist. I’m also the CEO here at Zenplicity. I’ve been helping clients launch 6 and 7 figure online programs for 5 years as an AmbitionAlly Certified Partner and Infusionsoft Certified Partner. We do our best work when we can see the “big picture” of your business so we can dial in on the specific problems and find a solution that fits your needs.

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Segment Your Subscribers to Increase Conversions

What happens when someone subscribes to your list? Do you give them a warm welcome & provide engaging, meaningful conversation automatically? Are you emailing your subscribers outside of your weekly newsletter? What if you could sell more to your current list without spending money to drive traffic there? It’s all about building a relationship with your subscribers and creating marketing automation with a soul.

I can help you breathe life into your existing email list.
Get started any time. Packages start at $3,000.


Create a High Performing Funnel to Fuel Your Launch

Are you debuting a flagship product that you’ll want community support for when the time is right? Do you automatically follow up with abandoned carts? What if someone opens your launch emails but doesn’t convert to a buyer? How are you handling those types of warm prospects? Do you know who your warmest leads are? Do you email to your on-the-fence prospects right before your cart closes?

I’ll get you to that epic launch you’ve been dreaming of.
Call me 2-3 months prior to your launch to fully rock your funnel. Packages start at $10,000.

Create a Membership Site with Cutting Edge Technology

Membership sites are the buzzwords in the marketing world these days. What if you could build continuity and repeat revenue streams without the hassle?
We use AccessAlly & ProgressAlly to architect membership sites that can include a variety of features like progress objective tracking, quiz functionality, automatic certificate generation, and other gamification features designed to create a more personalized experience for members and to encourage more participation and engagement.
But the magic doesn’t happen on the membership site itself. The ability to integrate with Infusionsoft (and other CRM platforms) gives us the opportunity to build in powerful automation thats useful (and necessary!) for helping members actually consume your content vs. just providing them with a place to log in and access their course materials.
Zenplicity’s speciality in marketing & sales funnels allows us to bridge the gap between launching a membership site and building a membership community through the power of marketing automation.

I can help launch a membership site that builds relationships with your members & creates a continuous revenue stream for your business.
This is a biggie…but sooooo worth it. Membership site projects start at $4,000.

Did you have something else in mind? 

We understand that your business is unique, and your marketing needs may not fit specifically into one of these three service tiers. Or maybe you're looking for a "blended solution" to fit your project scope or business needs.

We have limited availability to support clients through 1:1 strategy sessions, Infusionsoft onboarding packages, retainer services and other projects depending on our current workload.

Send an email directly to jamie@zenplicitynow.com to set up a free consultation so we can assess your needs over the phone and see if we're a match!