Revenue Rescue Sales Page

Find warm prospects & convert them to buyers.

For business owners who are tired of writing promotional emails and not seeing the sales roll in.

Discover the secret to getting more conversions from your email list.

You’ve heard how important it is to “grow your email list” and “be consistent with your marketing” but does any of this sound familiar?

Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page

If it does, you’re not alone.

When you first started your online business, you probably heard other people say:
“The secret to lots of revenue is having a big email list.”

“Email launches can help you bring in multiple 6 figures in revenue, twice a year!”

“All you have to do is email your subscribers, and they will buy!”

Struggling to figure out how to build and nurture an audience who is engaged and eager to buy from you is enough to make you want to give up on email marketing forever.

It’s perfectly normal to feel like your marketing efforts aren’t getting you very far.


Most people who send out a couple promo emails and expect new sales to come in will see very little results.

That’s because there’s one huge, looming problem…

They aren’t using segmentation or sending targeted follow up emails to the warm prospects on their email list.


If you’re putting time, energy and effort into nurturing your email list, and you’re not seeing more clicks to your sales pages, booking more discovery calls and seeing money in your bank account…


You need a proven methodology to make sending promotional emails a lot less stressful  - one that actually helps you convert subscribers into buyers.

(Read that again. It's the key to online business success.)


Revenue Rescue Sales Page

The only marketing toolkit for business owners designed to help you segment, follow up and convert more subscribers from your email list.

With Revenue Rescue you’ll be able to: 

Revenue Rescue Sales Page

Track and review your key email metrics without overwhelming yourself, so you can know what types of emails your subscribers resonate with and do more of that

Revenue Rescue Sales Page

Understand subscriber behavior, so you can quickly identify the people on your list who are more interested in your offers

Revenue Rescue Sales Page

Learn how to segment your email list into groups of subscribers who are more likely to buy from you

Revenue Rescue Sales Page

Know exactly what to write in specific follow up emails to a particular segment of subscribers

Revenue Rescue Sales Page

Generate more sales from a successful cart abandonment email sequence, proven to convert prospects into buyers

Yep. It’s true.
If you follow the components covered in Revenue Rescue,
you will see more revenue coming from your email list and into your bank account.

When you buy Revenue Rescue, you’ll receive instant access to:

Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Video Training - Metrics that Matter: The Foundation of Segmentation that will walk you through exactly how and which email metrics you should be monitoring
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Video Training -  Segmentation That Converts: How to Find & Follow Up with Warm Prospects on Your Email List that gives you actionable insights and examples for using the power of segmentation during your launch and promotional campaigns
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Video Training - Cart Abandonment: The Secret for Recovering More Sales that explains the importance and impact of this simple, effective way to convert more sales
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Cart Abandonment Email Swipe File to save you time and show you exactly what to write and how to set up your sequence in your email marketing platform

If you think this is just another funnel template that won’t work for you…


We do things differently at Zenplicity.

Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Let’s face it.

You’ve spent countless hours creating a product or offer that you want to sell successfully. You’ve tried writing your own promotional emails. You’ve tried one-off sales pitch templates from other “marketing gurus”. And while it’s possible to see success, you haven’t seen it…yet.

We believe in behavior-based, specific segmentation and email marketing that allows you to respond to your subscribers’ actions instead of assuming they want to work with you or buy your offers.

Revenue Rescue incorporates the components of the Zen Marketing Method that will help you focus on the subscribers - the ones who have expressed interest and who have taken micro-actions toward a purchase, but who haven’t converted…yet….and give them an opportunity to purchase at specific points in their buying journey.

With Revenue Rescue, you can optimize your email launch quickly & see results fast for just $37.

Because as a business owner, email marketing is about more than just making sales.

…It’s about creating a deeper connection with your audience.

…It’s about serving and helping people with your unique solutions.

…It’s about growing your business and reaching your goals BEYOND revenue.

Revenue Rescue is perfect for:

Creative Visionaries
Service Providers
Course Creators
Marketing Assistants
and anyone who wants to find more warm prospects & convert them into paying customers

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I only have 100 subscribers on my email list?
The number of email subscribers you have isn’t a problem at all! This marketing methodology works for business owners with 100, 1,000, 10,000 or even more subscribers. 
Do I need any fancy tools or software for this to work?
You will need to have an email marketing software like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Keap or any software that allows you to tag subscribers and create automated emails. 
What if I’m just starting my business?
You’re actually in a perfect position! The sooner you get started with email segmentation and automated follow-up, the better your chances are of seeing the revenue generated from your email list!
What happens after I purchase?
Immediately after your purchase, you’ll receive instant access to the content included in Revenue Rescue. You’ll be able to log into the Member Area to watch the videos and download the resources at any time. 
How much time will it take to complete?
I know your time is valuable, that’s why I’ve cut out the fluff and get straight to the point in each of the videos. You can watch all of the training videos included in Revenue Rescue within an hour.
How long will I have access to the materials?
Your purchase will give you lifetime access to this digital product. You can watch the videos as many times as you’d like, for as long as you’d like. 
What if I don’t feel confident writing my own emails?
I’m providing you with an email swipe copy for a Cart Abandonment Sequence. While I won’t be writing the words for you, specifically, you’ll have everything you need to easily and quickly add your own messaging to the templates and have the emails written within minutes. 
What if I need more help with my email marketing?
Zenplicity loves supporting clients through a variety of solutions to fit your needs and budget. If you’d like to discuss working privately together, send me an email and we’ll set up a free Discovery Call to chat more about it. 

Okay, imagine for a moment:

You, the night before your next launch, knowing you’re using these powerful marketing strategies that will lead to more sales…

you’re so excited about your beautiful sales page.
your offer is to-die-for and oh-so valuable.
your emails are gleaming with all the right words.
you know exactly what metrics to watch.
you know exactly what segments of non-buyers will form.
you know exactly how to follow up with warm subscribers and nurture them towards a sale.

Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page

It’s entirely possible, my friend.

Business owners who know how to use the power of email segmentation and targeted follow-up can expect to see an increase not only in their engagement and email metrics but also in their revenue coming from the people on their email list - regardless of how many subscribers they have.

I’m here to help you do just that when you purchase Revenue Rescue for only $37! 

Revenue Rescue gives you exactly what your promotional email sequence has been missing so your prospects start to click that buy button on your sales page more often. 

Oh, I know.

You’ve probably nearly given up on email marketing due to a number of reasons:

“I can’t figure out why my emails aren’t converting.”

“I don’t have the budget to hire a marketing strategist.”

“Do people even READ emails anymore?!”

Spoiler alert: The strategies & swipes in Revenue Rescue were ​specifically designed to work for you…

Even if you have a small email list
Even if you are a solopreneur
Even if you didn’t have a bang-up successful launch previously

The REAL question is…

Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page
Revenue Rescue Sales Page

Can your business afford NOT to have an engaged, segmented email list of prospects who are waiting to buy your next product, offer or service? 

Hi there! I'm Jamie DuBose, Founder & CEO of Zenplicity!

I help business owners build funnels designed to build relationships and cultivate connections that result in conversions.

If you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider of any kind, you owe it to yourself to take a deep dive into the world of online marketing to see how it can positively impact and transform your business.

I hope this product helps you unlock the potential for revenue and results that you've been waiting for in your business!

Revenue Rescue Sales Page

I strongly believe that Revenue Rescue will help you segment and convert your email subscribers into buyers. Heck, this product is so effective, I’m willing to bet you’ll see crazy ROI from your first sale achieved through a segment of your email list!

Due to the digital nature of this online product, there are no refunds offered for any reason. 

It’s time to make that email list work FOR you and generate some income for your business. ​Purchase Revenue Rescue today for only $37!

It's time to give your email list a fair shot at producing ​revenue in your business.

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