Sales Funnel Bootcamp:
Let's Launch Better

Is your Sales Funnel Destined to Leave Money on the Table?

If you're like most entrepreneurs I know, your business model relies on product launches to build revenue for your business.

You’re no newbie to the world of online marketing and launching, and you've been doing pretty well for yourself selling that product for $500-$1,500, but you’re concerned because you're starting to see launch sales decline over time.

  • Your product/offering was created with the influence of some of the best online business/marketing coaches.
  • You’ve been building your list and mailing to all of them (key word: ALL of them) consistently.
  • You’ve even been testing FB Ads and other forms of paid advertising to help drive sales.

And you still aren't seeing the launch results (and revenue!) you were hoping to see.

For the last 5 years, I've been using my strategies to implement high-performing marketing and sales funnels for business owners who want to use smart marketing automation to track key metrics and communicate with interested prospects to hit their launch goals.

I want to teach you my marketing automation methods & strategies so you  can build a BETTER  Sales Funnel.

Ashley Leavy

"I wish I had this training a year ago in my business!"

I’m just so grateful that I did it now. The sooner you can start to implement these things in your business, the better off you’re going to be because it’s going to help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes that are expensive for your time and your money. Those are two things that when you’re running a small business, are hard to come by at the time.

I am so, so glad that I did Sales Funnel Bootcamp because I feel like my business is on a much more solid foundation.

Lucy McGregor

"We implemented the strategies we discovered in Sales Funnel Bootcamp and had a 100% revenue increase from our previous launch! We couldn’t have been more thrilled!"

I would highly recommend that people have their team members to Sales Funnel Bootcamp because it’s so important for everybody to really understand what’s happening and where things are going. If you have a team and you’re wanting to take your launches or and marketing funnels to the next level, absolutely have your team come to Sales Funnel Bootcamp.

If there’s one thing that I learned over the last year or so, it’s that investing in your business is so important if you want to take it to the next level. And Sales Funnel Bootcamp is a really excellent investment choice - if a 100% revenue increase is what you want, if doubling your income is what you want, if you want to grow your business then you’ve got to do Sales Funnel Bootcamp.

T. J. Lucier

"Jamie understands the "overall view" of marketing. She knows lead generation, how to structure funnels and has an excellent grounding in direct marketing techniques.

This is sorely lacking in not only Infusionsoft's support, but also most Infusionsoft consultants out there. It's great to get the tech stuff done, but if you're doing the wrong thing from a marketing standpoint, you're not only pointed in the wrong direction, you'll lose time and business and have to start over from scratch in the future.  

In any business, time is money. And if getting something done the right way the first time is important to you, I highly recommend hiring Jamie."

Lacy Boggs

"Jamie is a huge asset to the bottom line of my business!

As with any business, there's an ebb and flow with expenses/revenue, and when I had a couple lean months on the horizon and was looking for ways to reduce costs, there was no question that I was KEEPING Jamie's services. She's not an expense - she's an INVESTMENT to my business because her work makes me money."

There’s PLENTY of information and programs that can teach you “how to launch”, and I don’t want to teach that. The Sales Funnel Bootcamp will build on what you already know (and do!) when launching online programs. I will show you how to use the power of marketing automation to launch BETTER.

Let's make your next launch BETTER than the last one. 

During the two-day small-group virtual event, you’ll be creating a Sales Funnel Blueprint for your next launch that you can build yourself or turn over to your implementation team.
If you’re thinking: “The technical pieces of a high performing launch are just too tech for me & my team”, then you’ll be excited to hear that there’s no crazy tech pieces involved in this launch strategy, and there doesn’t have to be a lot of different moving parts or software. The launch marketing automation strategy I’ll help you architect will be smart, strategic, and segmented so you can launch like a pro.
You do need to be using a tag-based CRM system like Infusionsoft, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign or Convertkit to implement the strategies and techniques I’ll teach you. If you’re still rocking launches on MailChimp or AWeber, this virtual bootcamp won’t be a good fit for you.

What Will You Learn in the   Sales Funnel Bootcamp?

  • You’ll learn how to set specific, concrete launch goals so you can measure what SUCCESS looks like
  • You’ll learn how to use the “middle of the funnel” to convert sales instead of relying on more leads/traffic and paid advertising
  • You’ll learn all about launch metrics and how to use them to drive more sales
  • You’ll learn how to evaluate mid-launch metrics and use tactics to tweak the funnel to bump conversions
  • You’ll discover segment-enhancing engagement metrics that will help you identify & communicate with warm prospects
  • You’ll discover the power of personalized segmentation and how to use it to sell more units
  • You’ll learn the best tools & tech pieces for launch automation & implementation
  • You’ll learn how to “work a launch” like a pro - what to look at, how to huddle & what metrics to monitor
  • You’ll learn how to identify patterns for success and use them to plan an even more successful Launch 2.0.

We’ll meet virtually online for 2 mornings of learning marketing automation strategy. I’ll give a short presentation on the training topic and give you an activity to complete so you can put your knowledge to action right away. Then we’ll break at noon and you’ll have time to digest the lessons we covered as well as finish your overnight homework activity.
We’ll begin the second day with hot seats where you’ll have an opportunity for me to review your homework as well as help you with your own individual marketing automation strategy. Then we’ll cover a few other training topics and finish up with ah-hah’s and takeaways.
I know the strategies you’ll learn in this two-day virtual bootcamp will help make a HUGE positive impact on the revenue of your next online launch. I can see you looking back after your next launch saying: “Damn, I’m glad I invested in this program to help me bring in an additional 5K or 10K or 50K or even 100K from that launch!

The investment for the Sales Funnel Bootcamp   is $997.

Selena Soo

"I love working with Jamie!

Because of her, we're making smarter marketing decisions based on email analytics and customer trends. I love that Jamie comes to the table with thoughtful, strategic ideas that move our business forward."

To ensure I can provide the highest quality training and support for registrants, spots are very limited for each Sales Funnel Bootcamp event. If you want an invitation, fill out the Invitation Form, and I’ll be in touch over email with more information.
Of course, if you have any questions, I’m always one email away. Send an email to, and we’ll set up a phone call so you can finalize your spot for this two-day virtual event.
I’m really excited about this Sales Funnel Bootcamp, and I know it will help you build in the smart marketing automation that’s been missing in online launches until now.
Hope you’ll join me!

jamieI’m Jamie DuBose, CEO & Marketing Automation Specialist here at Zenplicity, and I help business owners like you automate their marketing and sales funnels so they can make more money.
I create marketing funnels, but it doesn’t stop there. Together, we create a smarter business.
After facilitating multiple-6 and 7-figure program launches and creating high-performing, effective funnels since 2011, I know that every business is unique. That’s why I dive deep to formulate a marketing strategy is carefully designed based on your business model & revenue goals.