MoreCustomersBlogLast week I attended the Claim Your Life Back conference hosted by Ryan and Trent Chapman over at Fix Your Funnel, and I was blown away by how awesome it was.

We talked about marketing automation, new tools and techniques for boosting list engagement, and I left with an easy-to-follow “Pathway to Profit” that helped me reassess my business goals and know exactly what I need to do to make them happen.

One of my biggest takeaways came from the conversation we were having about targeted Facebook Ads. Now, Paid Advertising and FB Ads aren’t my wheelhouse, but I realized that business success isn’t just about knowing your target market, it’s about talking to your target market.

Here’s why.


If you’re talking to the wrong people, you’re not gonna make any money.
If you’re talking to the right people the wrong way, you’re not gonna make any money.
If you’re not talking to anyone, you’re definitely not gonna make any money.

It can be a little scary talking to your target market, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Just experiment with several different messages (hello, split testing), use the language they’re use to hearing, and look at your marketing reports (open rates, click rates, opt in rates, etc.).

When you take time to dig into your reports, you’ll figure out:

  • What time of day they’re opening emails
  • What subject lines got them to open your emails (hint: write more of the good ones!)
  • What messaging & language got them excited enough to take action

Use those reports to determine what you need to tweak in your marketing to reach more of those folks. The craziest part about all of this is – you have this information about your target market right at your fingertips! You just have to start talking to them to figure it out.

But Jamie! I don’t even know if I’ve found my target market yet!

Here’s a few questions you can ask yourself to help identify your target market:

  • What problems keep my target customer up at night?
  • What do they struggle with?
  • What things really piss them off?
  • What do they value?
  • What would they gain/be able to do better or different if they didn’t have this problem?

Take an hour out of your week and look at your marketing reports from your last few emails. What’d you discover about your target market? What surprised you the most? What are you going to change next time you email them? I want to hear in the comments below!

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About the Author:

Jamie DuBose is the CEO, Launch Strategist & Marketing Automation Specialist at Zenplicity. She helps profitable entrepreneurs make strategic marketing decisions that consistently improve their business & increase their revenue. Her expertise lies in creating targeted, high-performing campaigns that track & use behavior-based subscriber metrics to sell more units to a more engaged audience.
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