TRIBE Workshop

Unlock the secret to recurring revenue, an engaged membership community & the path to sustainable, consistent income!

You see it all the time, right? Another small business owner talking about how much joy and freedom they have now that they're running a successful membership community.

They seem to have all the things you've been craving for your own life and business:

  • More time to devote to their kids and family.
  • More availability to support their clients and team.
  • Less anxiety wondering how they're going to hit monthly revenue goals.
  • Less confusion about who they're serving and how they're showing up for clients.

And you find yourself asking: "Who are they learning from?! How can I do that in my own business?!" 

If you're looking for a way to bring more stable monthly income into your business, or trying to figure out how to incorporate the membership model into your service offerings, register below for Stu McLaren's upcoming workshop happening on April 22nd.


I've been helping clients successfully plan and launch membership sites for the lat 10 years, but it wasn't until I was introduced to Stu McLaren that my entire philosophy of recurring revenue and membership truly CLICKED.

In fact, it wasn't until I went through his TRIBE Experience that I felt confident and prepared to launch my own membership, Zen CONNECT.

I finally unlocked the true value and benefit of recurring revenue as it applied to my own business after learning from the Membership Site Expert himself: Stu McLaren.

TRIBE Workshop
TRIBE Workshop

Stu only launches this Free Workshop once a year, and my favorite part about it is that you'll literally be able to see results from this free workshop.

Having Stu's expertise combined with my expertise in membership design, strategy and tech could be a GAME CHANGER for your business.

After this free Workshop Series, you can finally create your community, make a bigger impact and earn consistent revenue in your business each month.

What would happen if you could generate additional recurring revenue each month with a proven system and philosophy for membership sites thats not only used by some of the biggest names in the online marketing world like Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, and Rachel Miller but that's also proven to work for small business owners like me and thousands of others like you? 


Register for Stu's Free Workshop through the link below, and get 2 BONUSES just for showing up to the FREE Workshop Series.

BONUS #1: You'll get access to my personal notes from the workshop. Think of it as the Cliff Notes version of the workshop if you can't attend live. 

Taking notes was one of my favorite parts about being in school, and I was a Straight A student with a highlighter and Sharpie addiction. So you KNOW those notes are gonna be comprehensive and helpful!

BONUS #2: You'll get a private invitation to a 30 minute Group Workshop Debrief with me, happening on Zoom after each workshop.

Sometimes attending free training can feel a little like drinking from a fire hose. This is your chance to come dish and discuss what you learned in a small group setting with a membership site expert (that's me!) to get your questions answered so you can start implementing right away.

Enter your details below to tell me you want access to these bonuses!

Once I receive your information, I'll send over your next steps to be sure you don't miss a thing! 



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