Let's build an email marketing strategy that helps you monetize your small email list.

This "Zen Marketing Method" VIP Day will help you:

  • map out a marketing strategy that actually makes sense for your business and offers
  • create results-oriented email sequences for your email subscribers that doesn't feel gross or sales-y
  • figure out what will drive sales for your next launch based on data from your previous launches
VIP Day Experience

During our VIP Day, we’ll be focusing on your immediate goals, but also looking at what improvements can be made so you can:

Know exactly what's impacting (or inhibiting) your business growth.

Increase subscriber engagement through strategic marketing campaigns.

Know what each customer is worth to your company.

Accurately set acquisition budgets that maintain a high profit margin.

You have the vision for the business you want to create.

It's time to align your marketing, message and offers so you can grow and scale without burnout.

Because each VIP Day is a unique experience, specific deliverables always vary with Marketing Strategy VIP Day Intensives. But you’ll walk away with everything you need to execute the plans we create during your intensive: launch plans, email sequence outlines, metrics tracking templates, and anything else that will support you in taking action.

There is no cost for booking a free consultation. Marketing Strategy VIP Day Intensives are non-refundable & non-transferrable for any reason. This is important for you to know and understand because there are no exceptions. I appreciate you valuing my time and availability!

You may be saying

This sounds great, but I have some questions before I commit to this.

Great! I'm glad you're seriously considering this investment and taking your time in the process. I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions from people like you who needed a few more facts before making a decision to book a call.

What’s the benefit of having one day to work together?

If I had to guess, I bet you’re the type of person that likes to pay for the Disney FastPass so you can skip the long lines and enjoy more rides. Am I right? Consider this day-long intensive your FastPass to business clarity and strategy. We’ll actually be able to cover more ground while we spend a day together instead of spending 6 hours together over several weeks.

How fast can I book my VIP Day Intensive?

Each month has 4 available days for you to choose your intensive booking date. If you’re reading this at the beginning of the month, there’s a good chance you can book your Intensive for the same month. You will be completing a questionnaire that must be submitted before your scheduled Intensive date. If you don’t complete the questionnaire, you will be rescheduled for the next available intensive booking date. 

How long will it take to see results from our VIP Day Intensive?

That's entirely up to you, my friend! If you’re focused and able to commit yourself to implementing the strategies we outline together, you could see results in as little as 30 days. That being said, implementing a marketing strategy is a lot like building a house. You can’t expect to draw up the plans, lay the foundation and finish landscaping all within the same day. You’ll see results when you show up and take action. The future of your success lies in your hands! 

What deliverables are included with the VIP Day Intensive?

Each client has a unique story and business challenge, which means that each client receives a unique, customized set of solutions and recommendations to implement in their business. To give you an idea of solutions that have been supportive for past clients, deliverables may include: 

  • A Customer Value Journey documenting the steps for your ideal customer cycle
  • Marketing funnel frameworks outlining the messaging & goals of each campaign
  • A marketing metrics tracking & reporting to identify top-performing campaigns
  • A scoping document for implementing the new funnels & offerings we created

What if I want to book a VIP Day Intensive but can't schedule a full day?

Flexibility is a core value for us at Zenplicity, and we completely understand that some clients may not have a full day available due to other responsibilities, family commitments or other reasons. We can schedule two half-day time frames for your intensive instead of one full day if that would be better for your schedule. 

I get really overwhelmed at the idea of spending one full day together because I want to dive in immediately and get to work. Should I book a VIP Day Intensive?

My friend, you are what we lovingly refer to as a Quick Start. (Where my Kolbe friends at?!) And yes. An intensive would be an ideal way for you to receive strategic marketing support.

In fact, I created this offer specifically with you in mind. If you love the idea of an intensive, but you want to get busy implementing right away, we can schedule a two half-day intensive so we can meet together for the first part of the day and you can spend the afternoon implementing. Then we will meet again on the second morning, wrap up by lunch, and you can continue getting to work that afternoon.

There is no cost for booking a free consultation. Marketing Strategy VIP Day Intensives are non-refundable & non-transferrable for any reason. This is important for you to know and understand because there are no exceptions. I appreciate you valuing my time and availability!
VIP Day Experience

I'm Jamie DuBose, CEO & Founder of Zenplicity, and I help profitable entrepreneurs become more sustainable through marketing, membership, and metrics. 

As an AccessAlly Certified Partner, I've had the pleasure of supporting clients with their membership site projects since 2015.

I’m passionate about supporting my clients because I know their goals and dreams are actually possible when they take time to build the RIGHT customized strategy for THEIR audience, product or offering, and preferred delivery methods.

Have questions before you buy? Connect with me, and we'll book a quick call together to answer them.

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