Hey Business Owner.

Your Email List is Big
Enough to Make Money!


Get More Sales & Profit from Your Warmest Subscribers on Your Email List

Email marketing is NOT DEAD. You’re just not doing it right.

Every open and click from your subscribers can be turned into dollars in your bank account - regardless of how many people are on your email list.

If you’re looking for a way to print money and put it right into your bank account, email marketing is THE WAY.

Did you know that…


But you’ve been dragging your heels about trying to use email as a way to grow your business because you think:

you need a massive email list with thousands of subscribers.

you need to be sending promo emails every day to make sales.

you need to moonlight as a copywriter to write email copy that converts.

And I’m here to tell you…NONE of that is true!


You need to be marketing in some way to keep your business running, but you’ve convinced yourself that email marketing won’t work for you because:

You don’t want to annoy your subscribers with emails that end up in spam.

You don’t have the mental or emotional bandwidth to write emails all the time.

You can’t bear the thought of seeing another person unsubscribe from your email list.

I totally get it. It’s hard to put belief into a marketing strategy that’s worked for everyone else, but you.

Why are you settling for only 2% of your social media audience seeing your posts when you can get a 2% conversion rate (read: money in your bank account) using the Zen Marketing Method?


Hold up…What’s the Zen Marketing Method?

The Zen Marketing Method is my proven framework for helping clients identify the warmest subscribers on their list & nurture them toward action,(i.e. opening their wallet and buying from you).

Not all Subscribers are Created Equally

The magic of this email marketing methodology uses the power of subscriber behavior and micro-actions that segment out the warm prospects from “everyone else” on your email list.

Following my Zen Marketing Method will help you monetize your email list, regardless of your email list size.

But is it really possible to make money with a small email list?

Ab-so-freaking-lutely, my friend.

I’d venture to say that parts of email marketing are actually easier when you’re working with a small email list.

3 Promo Emails = $10,000+ in Revenue.

Jess came to me for help, wanting to find a unique way to promote her Yoga Teacher Training Certification ($1300 USD) to her small email list without the “massive email launch” vibe.

She sent a few emails to her subscribers promoting a free training course, and she got 150 interested registrants from those emails.


She brought TEN new yoga teachers into her Certification and put over $10,000 in her bank account without all of the bells and whistles of a big email launch.

That’s TEN TIMES the average conversion rate of email marketing after working with me.

Imagine how it would feel to write a handful of personalized emails, send them to your warmest subscribers and put more cash into your bank account without feeling like you’re selling out to the super-scarcity-driven marketing strategies all the “gurus” are telling you about.


Introducing the Zen Marketing VIP Day

This Marketing VIP Day is specifically tailored to help you build an email marketing strategy that’s proven to bring more results and revenue into your business using my proprietary Zen Marketing Method framework.

You will finally be able to find the warmest subscribers on your email list & nurture them toward action faster (and easier!) than trying to grow a bigger email list.

The Life-Changing Magic of the Zen Marketing Method will continue to work for you months after our VIP Day Experience because I’m going to “Marie Kondo” your email marketing.


You’re going to feel hesitation, fear and maybe even a little shame before letting me peek behind the curtains of your business, but I assure you that it’s nothing I haven’t seen (and been able to fix) before.

But I’ll be there every step of the way to help you organize, plan and execute your email strategies that are built with you in mind first, using my proven sales strategy ecosystem.

After our VIP Day, you’ll understand the 6 stages of the Zen Marketing Method, believe how it’s going to change your life, and have everything you need to keep using it in your business for months (and dare I say years) to come.

This sounds great, but I need more details.

Imagine booking a day at your favorite spa. You schedule your favorite treatments, prioritizing the ones that make you feel like a queen while also tackling your biggest problem areas (90-minute deep tissue massage, anyone?).

Upon your arrival, you’re whisked into the dressing room where you find a warm bathrobe and glass of bubbly waiting for you.

You’re able to unplug from all of life’s daily distractions and simply focus on enjoying the luxurious experience of being pampered, knowing that self-care is the highest form of self-love.


When the day is done, you’re relaxed and rejuvenated, able to return to the demands of “real life” with a renewed sense of purpose and motivation to tackle whatever comes your way…without even chipping a freshly manicured nail.


I love working with Jamie!

Because of her, we’re making smarter marketing decisions based on email analytics and customer trends. I love that Jamie comes to the table with thoughtful, strategic ideas that move our business forward. Thank you!

Selena Soo

My Zen Marketing VIP Day is like a Spa Day for Your Business

Below is an outline of what to expect when booking your VIP Day.


After our Zen Marketing VIP Day, you’ll go from feeling….


Why should you trust me to build your email marketing strategy?


Allow me to share what I’ve learned over the last 10+ years of helping clients market and promote their business through email marketing automation and why I believe email marketing is such a powerful way to grow your business.

I started my business with “boots on the ground”, working with clients at a time when digital courses and online programs were booming.

Since 2011, I’ve worked with over 200 private clients — all over the spectrum of email list size, business size, and niche. And 100% of them had the same goal — they wanted to grow their business through email marketing.

I’ve helped clients build marketing plans to streamline and simplify their email strategies that have resulted in multiple 6 and 7-figure launches for their businesses.

I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of the digital marketing landscape, and it’s through all of those experiences that I want to help you avoid the challenges I’ve seen other business owners face by using my proven Zen Marketing Method to bring you more peace and help you generate more revenue.

Continuing to use the solutions you thought would work come with some pretty serious repercussions.

You’ve tried the email launch templates. You’ve bought the online copywriting courses and done the homework, written the emails, and wondered: "What am I doing wrong?!"

Think about it: would you expect your best friend’s bra to fit your body? Then why would you expect an email template someone else wrote to perform as well for you as it did for them?

If you don’t want to use email marketing to grow your business, you might as well:

I’m not here to sell you the secret to having a 5,000-square-foot house in Malibu and a few Ferarris in your driveway like “the other internet marketing gurus”.

I’m here to show you that making money through a small email list is entirely possible for you when you follow the Zen Marketing Method.

Why is the Zen Marketing Method different from email marketing strategies you’ve tried in the past?

#1: It highlights the uniqueness about your business model, audience, and messaging to grow your business through email marketing. Other marketing strategies may exclude you from successfully using their frameworks based on assumptions that are unrealistic for many small businesses.

#2: It allows your marketing timeline to shift and evolve, just like your offerings, launch cycles, and energy levels. Other marketing strategies force you to follow a linear timeline that’s not realistic for every email marketing strategy.

#3: It is flexible enough to fit INSIDE YOUR BUSINESS while other email marketing strategies try to fit your business inside their traditional one-size-fits-all funnel frameworks.


I am so grateful that FEA partnered with Jamie DuBose and Zenplicity!

Her marketing knowledge and Infusionsoft expertise was a tremendous help, and we were able to reorganize our systems in order to use Infusionsoft more effectively in our marketing. It was so valuable knowing more details about our marketing metrics and conversions, and that played a big role in the success of our launches this past year. Her strategic support has helped us significantly grow our membership, and I appreciate all that she’s contributed to the FEA Team.

Carrie Green
CEO, Founder of the Female Entrepreneur

Your Life Will Change…in the best ways

Imagine sitting down to write your next batch of promotional emails, armed with a proven, flexible sales ecosystem strategy that focuses on finding and connecting with the people on your email list who are only one nudge away from converting to a buyer.
You’ll confidently know how to use email segmentation to craft perfectly aligned email content to the subscribers who actually want to read your emails (and have proven it by opening your past emails!)
Best of all, imagine the mental clarity and peace you’ll experience once you know how to properly review your past emails to uncover and interpret the data like a pro so you can stop reinventing the wheel every time you relaunch your offers and services to your audience.

This Zen Marketing VIP Experience is a $5,500 investment.

But that may be a steal when you add up the cost of waiting to get your email marketing life together, once and for all.

Now is the time to stop feeling shame about the size of your email list. 

In fact, the majority of clients I’ve worked with have been successful business owners for many years; they just never prioritized email marketing until working with me because they never found an email marketing ecosystem that aligned with their values, style of communicating and connecting with their email list subscribers.

Let me introduce you to a few clients who I’ve had the pleasure of supporting through this process.


"I'm so clear and we've been able to make decisions and have a plan of action."


Caroline de Posada

I’m almost convinced, but I have some questions before book a VIP Day.

Great! I'm glad you're seriously considering this investment and taking your time in the process. I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions from people like you who needed a few more facts before making a decision to book a call.

What’s the difference between a VIP Day and hiring you on retainer?

If I had to guess, I bet you’re the type of person that likes to pay for the Disney FastPass so you can skip the long lines and enjoy more rides. Am I right? Consider this VIP Day your FastPass to email marketing strategy that fast-tracks your success. We’ll actually be able to cover more ground while we spend a day together instead of spending 6 hours together over several weeks.

How fast can I book my VIP Day?

Each month has 4 available days for you to choose your intensive booking date. If you’re reading this at the beginning of the month, there’s a good chance you can book your VIP day for the same month. You will be completing a questionnaire that must be submitted before your scheduled date. If you don’t complete the questionnaire, you will be rescheduled for the next available booking date.

How fast will I see results after my VIP Day?

That's entirely up to you, my friend! If you’re focused and able to commit yourself to implementing the email strategies we outline together, you could see results in as little as 30 days (if not sooner). Remember: implementing a marketing strategy is a lot like building a house. You can’t expect to draw up the plans, lay the foundation and finish landscaping all within the same day. You’ll see results when you show up and take action. The future of your success lies in your hands!

What deliverables are included with my VIP Day?

When you buy a VIP Day, you’re buying my time, energy and undivided attention, NOT a set of deliverables. 

That being said, each client has a unique story and business challenge, which means that each client receives a unique, customized set of email marketing solutions and recommendations to implement in their business. To give you an idea of deliverables that have been s successful  for past clients, deliverables may include: 

  • A Customer Value Journey documenting the steps for your ideal customer cycle
  • Marketing funnel frameworks outlining the messaging & goals of each campaign
  • A marketing metrics tracking & reporting to identify top-performing campaigns
  • A scoping document for implementing the new funnels & offerings we created

I’m not “techy” – what are the software requirements?

There are no requirements for any particular software to use to be able to implement the Zen Marketing Method strategies. While it’s not necessary, it is often a bonus if you’re using an email marketing software like ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit or Keap. 

What if I want to book a VIP Day, but don’t have availability for an entire day?

Flexibility is a core value for us at Zenplicity, and we completely understand that some clients may not have a full day available due to other responsibilities, family commitments, or other reasons. 

We can schedule two half-day time frames for your VIP Day instead of one full day if that would be better for your schedule.

I get really overwhelmed at the idea of spending one full day together because I want to dive in immediately and get to work. Should I book a VIP Day?

My friend, you are what we lovingly refer to as a Quick Start. (Where my Kolbe friends at?!) And yes. A VIP Day would be an ideal way for you to receive strategic marketing support.

In fact, I created this offer specifically with you in mind. If you love the idea of a VIP Day, but you want to get busy implementing right away, we can schedule two half-day sessions so we can meet together for the first part of the day and you can spend the afternoon implementing. Then we will meet again on the second morning, wrap up by lunch, and you can continue getting to work that afternoon.

This Isn’t For Everyone. 

My Zen Marketing VIP Day Experience isn’t for everyone, but it’s perfect for you if you want to do email marketing differently from the “Bro Marketing” tactics and still see killer results.
If you’re sick of settling for cookie-cutter launch blueprints and frameworks and want to rise above the noise that everyone else is creating online, consider booking your VIP Day today.

Your Email List Can Make You More Money

I’m proud of the Zen Marketing Method and the results my clients have experienced because I believe that:

You can create real relationships with your email subscribers without feeling like you're selling all the time

You can use innovative, high-converting marketing strategies without reinventing the wheel, and without continually launching every time you turn a calendar page
You can have an email list that consistently generates revenue while creating long-lasting relationships with people who love your brand.
Let's make it happen together. Click below to book your VIP Day now! 
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