Do you find yourself saying…

“I have a vision, but I don’t have a clear plan to implement it.”

“I need to have a strategic conversation so I can get clarity on the plan before I move forward.”

“I’m going in a new direction in my business, and I need to figure out my marketing strategy.”

“I have an offer, but I want to convert it to an evergreen funnel.”

“I want to automate a manual process and I don’t know where to start.” 


Zenplicity’s Marketing Strategy VIP Day Intensive

The goal of Zenplicity’s Marketing Strategy VIP Day Intensive is to zoom out and look at your overall marketing from a big picture perspective. We’ll use this time to build a framework for creating foundational marketing elements that will attract new leads, engage new subscribers, and create results-driven relationships with your subscribers. 

VIP Day Experience 1

I’ll be recommending several types of campaigns that will benefit your subscribers, increase conversions and support retention. During our VIP Day, we’ll be focusing on your immediate goals, but also looking at what improvements can be made so you can:

Know exactly what’s impacting (or inhibiting) your business growth.

Increase subscriber engagement through strategic marketing campaigns.

Know what each customer is worth to your company.

Accurately set acquisition budgets that maintain a high profit margin.

You have the vision for the business you want to create.

It’s time to align your marketing, message and offers so you can grow and scale without burnout.

Zenplicity’s Marketing Strategy VIP Day Intensive will help you answer questions like:

  • How can I distill my business vision into a strategic customer journey?

  • How can I collect high quality leads from my website & social channels?

  • How can I show more value to my subscribers & prospects?

  • What innovative marketing strategies can we deploy that will connect with our ideal prospects?

  • What marketing campaigns will give us more engagement & conversion?

  • How can I use brand ambassadors and advocates to reach a wider audience and create win-win partnerships for thought leaders & content contributors?

The Intentions of this Marketing Strategy VIP Day are Three-Fold:


We’ll identify your marketing messaging & ideal clients in a Customer Value Journey Roadmap.


We’ll customize a marketing plan that will increase leads, nurture prospects and sell more offerings.


We’ll discuss Key Performance Indicators to have more visibility on metrics & effectively measure success & growth.

My goal is to help you build an online marketing strategy that consistently improves business and increases revenue.

Because each VIP Day is a unique experience, specific deliverables always vary with Marketing Strategy VIP Day Intensives. But you’ll walk away with everything you need to execute the plans we create during your intensive: launch plans, email sequence outlines, metrics tracking templates, and anything else that will support you in taking action.

There is no cost for booking a free consultation. Marketing Strategy VIP Day Intensives are non-refundable & non-transferrable for any reason. This is important for you to know and understand because there are no exceptions. I appreciate you valuing my time and availability!
VIP Day Experience 2

I’m Jamie DuBose, CEO & Founder of Zenplicity, and I help profitable entrepreneurs become more sustainable through marketing, membership, and metrics. 

As an AccessAlly Certified Partner, I’ve had the pleasure of supporting clients with their membership site projects since 2015.

I’m passionate about supporting my clients because I know their goals and dreams are actually possible when they take time to build the RIGHT customized strategy for THEIR audience, product or offering, and preferred delivery methods.

Have questions before you buy? Connect with me, and we’ll book a quick call together to answer them.

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