Attention Service Providers:

Learn the marketing skills, strategies and tools you need to build a successful business.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Zen CONNECT - NEWYou sit down at your desk on a Monday morning with your iced hazelnut latte, ready to talk to your team about your  flagship group program launch happening in a couple months.

You scroll through your favorite Instagram profiles of “celebrity marketers” so you can swipe some ideas  and pray the marketing magic works the same for you as it does for them.

You’re trying to write those new promotional launch emails, but you're just staring at a blank Google Doc. You know you need conversion-ready copy to encourage your readers to buy from you.

You’ve been avoiding ActiveCampaign because you wasted a solid 2 hours of precious time last week trying to set up an Automation for new subscribers.

So you finally called it quits and decided you’d deal with that….later.


"Marketing" would be much easier if you knew what to do, right?

What if you could...

  • Plan your marketing calendar without wondering if the strategies will actually work for your business
  • Finally be able to say “I can do this!” when you try to use the marketing tech software
  • Know how to communicate prospects without feeling like you’re pushing them to work with you 
  • Easily diversify your revenue through income streams like membership and self-paced programs
  • Quickly implement an idea for a new offering without stalling on the tech to make it happen

The membership community for service providers who want to become master marketers while making an impact through the work they do in the world.

I help service providers with their marketing frustrations by giving them simple, easy strategies and tools to use so they don’t have to use “I don’t know how” as an excuse for not growing and scaling their business.

I’m putting everything that I’ve successfully implemented for my private clients over the last 10 years into Zen CONNECT, and I want to share those same strategies, tools and resources with you for a fraction of the cost to work with me. In other words, I’ve already done the testing, all you need to do is implement! 

If you're a service provider who wants to learn how to:

  • Connect with your ideal clients through smart marketing strategies
  • Connect the dots between strategies and implementation
  • Connect with ME for guidance, expertise and support
  • Connect with your marketing in a new way that feels more like you
  • Connect with aligned prospects through conversations that do more than make a sale, they build relationships...join me on this journey and become a founding member of Zen CONNECT.

Zen CONNECT is the community you need to stay on the sustainable path to marketing success that finally feels EASY and ZEN.


Listen to Corinne's experience in Zen CONNECT:

 Isn't it exhausting to think about ALL THE THINGS you know you should be doing to market your business?

Zen CONNECT is a "Project of the Month" membership where we focus on one monthly marketing campaign that will help you grow your business.

We'll also talk about the things that actually stop you from implementing (mindset + overwhelm, etc.) so you can continue to make measurable progress month after month.


Here’s what to expect when you join Zen CONNECT:


I'll show you a clear Success Path to follow that lays out action steps and milestones to help you move from one stage to the next with clarity & ease.


Our "project of the month" will help you stay focused on one thing at a time to alleviate the stress of not knowing what to implement next.


Group Calls and Co-Working sessions will get your questions answered and give you scheduled time to make progress and see results.

Why should you join?

You can finally apply marketing techniques that are proven to work in your business for both short-term success and long-term growth.

You can finally connect the dots between strategies and implementation without the frustration of knowing where to start.

You can ditch the "old way" of thinking about marketing and connect with your marketing in a new way that feels more like you.

What's included?

  • Monthly video training
  • Marketing Frameworks / Swipe Files
  • Group QA Call
  • Monthly Co-Working
  • Monthly Office Hours with Jamie
  • Masterclass Bonus Videos
  • Priority access for private client openings
  • Tech Toolbox Trainings
  • Community Forum

How much time does it take to truly benefit from Zen CONNECT?

If you can dedicate 2 hours per week to your marketing efforts, you will see incredible results from Zen CONNECT. I know your time is valuable, and that's why all of the monthly training videos are between 20-30 minutes. You can watch, learn, and implement within a matter of hours.

Each week, there's an opportunity for you to get support through our Q&A Calls, Co-Working and Office Hours. That means you have multiple chances to ask questions, get direct and specific feedback and recommendations from me, and turn around to execute what you're learning without skipping a beat.

When you add it all up, you could spend thousands of dollars per month with a marketing strategist and implementation team to help you execute the monthly marketing project, or you can choose to join the Zen CONNECT membership! 

Ready to Join Us?
Choose the Zen CONNECT plan that best fits you!


Laying the Foundation for Marketing Mastery covers four major focus areas that are necessary for every service provider to have in place. This self-paced online course features videos, resources, worksheets and downloads to help you learn and incorporate business and marketing principles into your business quickly and effectively.

Let's break down what topics are covered in each section.



This section will cover the following topics every service provider needs to have locked down so they can build an audience of clients they love to work with: 


  • Ideal Audience - You know who you want to serve 
  • Offers & Products - You know what you’re serving them 
  • Customer Value Journey - You know how you’re going to serve them 


This section focuses on 3 elements of technology to set up so you can collect three very important things to keep growing your business:


  • Merchant account to collect money
  • CRM platform to collect email addresses 
  • Google Analytics to collect data 


Because this is such a hot (and often ignored) topic, we're diving into a conversation about data that you can actually get excited about. You'll learn how to:


  • Set SMART business goals
  • Identify the important KPIs for your biz
  • Track basic marketing metrics


Whether you're brand new to launching online, or you've sold courses or digital offerings before, you'll gain clarity and insight on how to launch with ease. You'll learn how to:


  • Determine your launch components
  • Set your launch milestones
  • Build contingency plan for boosting sales
  • Conduct an effective Post-Launch Review

I am so grateful that FEA partnered with Jamie DuBose and Zenplicity!

Her marketing knowledge and Infusionsoft expertise was a tremendous help, and we were able to reorganize our systems in order to use Infusionsoft more effectively in our marketing. It was so valuable knowing more details about our marketing metrics and conversions, and that played a big role in the success of our launches this past year. Her strategic support has helped us significantly grow our membership, and I appreciate all that she’s contributed to the FEA Team.

Carrie Green
CEO, Founder of the Female Entrepreneur

Screw the 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

I’m giving you 60 days to learn, execute and see the results of your dedication to implementing the marketing strategies in Zen CONNECT.

If you’re on the fence, or you’ve been burned in the past by a not-so-great experience, I totally get it. I want to give you every opportunity to utilize the Zen CONNECT features and experience how exciting and awesome it can be to build results-driven relationships with your subscribers and audience through email marketing.

That’s why I’m saying “screw it” to the industry standard 30 day money back guarantee and giving you 2 FULL MONTHS to go through the video trainings, come to the group calls and co-working sessions to see what you’re capable of when you apply these timeless marketing tactics to your business.

Unfortunately, I’m not a mind reader (despite what my husband may think, ha!) and if you’re not ready to do the work and speak up to ask questions when you encounter a hurdle or problem, I’m not able to give you the support you’re already paying for with your membership. I will ask you to show me your work to be considered for a full refund.



You’re technically running a business, but your work still feels like a semi-hobby, and you’re definitely not thinking of marketing & sales. You’re getting clients from referrals and close connections. Now is the time to build the foundation to set yourself up for long-term success.



Manual engagement and communication with leads and prospects stresses you out and takes up too much of your time. You recognize that you can’t keep operating your business without a simple, automated process of acquiring prospects and getting new business. Now is the time to begin automating processes to free up time so you can focus on delivering excellence.



You’ve been researching successful marketing strategies and you have a small but consistent marketing plan that you try to follow, but you’re not sure if you’re doing it right. You’re constantly testing ideas and looking for the marketing strategy that works for you. You know any progress is better than no progress, so you keep figuring it out as you go.  Now is the time to find the marketing strategies you want to implement in your business.



Your marketing efforts are consistently bringing in qualified leads who are moving through your sales process, and you’re making revenue. Your audience is engaged, but there are still gaps in your marketing strategy you’re not sure how to fix. Now is the time to double down on the marketing strategies that will keep producing results.



    You’re running segmented, high-performance marketing campaigns with a multi-layered marketing plan that involves paid advertising budgets for maximum reach and conversion, but you’re looking for innovative strategies to keep growing. Now is the time to replicate your strategies into new markets!


    And I would love to help you get there!


    I’m Jamie DuBose, your new favorite Digital Marketing Strategist!

    I help service providers become sustainable and profitable through marketing, membership and metrics specifically designed to build relationships and cultivate connections that result in conversions.

    I know your goals and dreams are actually possible when you take time to build the RIGHT customized strategy for YOUR audience, product or offering, and preferred delivery methods.

    If you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider of any kind, you owe it to yourself to take a risk-free deep dive into the world of online marketing to see how it can positively impact and transform your business.

    To experience firsthand the magic of marketing automation, you need to be ready and willing to learn what I want to share with you each month and actually do the work in your business to see growth.

    Think of Zen CONNECT as the special Miracle-Gro Marketing fertilizer you’ve been looking for to grow and scale your business!

    I look forward to welcoming you as our newest Zen CONNECT member!

    With joy & gratitude,


    Jamie understands the "overall view" of marketing.

    She knows lead generation, how to structure funnels and has an excellent grounding in direct marketing techniques. It's great to get the tech stuff done, but if you're doing the wrong thing from a marketing standpoint, you're not only pointed in the wrong direction, you'll lose time and business and have to start over from scratch in the future.

    In any business, time is money. And if getting something done the right way the first time is important to you, I highly recommend hiring Jamie.

    T.J. Lucier


    Here's a Sample of Upcoming Monthly Projects You Can Implement through Zen CONNECT:

    • Nurture Campaign
    • Webinar Video Series Campaign
    • Evergreen Campaign
    • Lead Magnet Delivery
    • Non-buyer Survey Campaign
    • Referral Campaign
    • Win Back Campaign
    • New Customer Onboarding Campaign
    • Past Client Reach Out Campaign
    • Attendee / Non-Attendee Followup Campaign

    Zen CONNECT is perfect for you if:  

    • You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get busy learning and doing the work to finally see the results from your marketing efforts.
    • You’ve started an email list (does a Google Sheet filled with email addresses count?) and you know just enough about technology to be dangerous. 
    • You know you could be doing a better job at reaching more of your ideal clients and supporting them, but you feel like there could be a better way to come up with strategies to reach them without feeling awkward, spammy or gross. 

    Let's Make Sure We're on the Same Page About This

    The videos, templates & swipe files are only 20% of the magic that happens in Zen CONNECT. The other 80% comes from our group calls, co-working sessions, and your questions that get answered when you raise your hand to get personalized strategic recommendations and consulting. 

    I want this membership to help service providers like you with your marketing frustrations by giving you simple, easy strategies and tools so you don’t have to use “I don’t know how” as an excuse for not growing and scaling your business. 

    If you show up ready to learn and try, and you're committed to using this membership in the way it was intended, I know you'll successfully move through the stages of the Success Pathway for Service Providers and find yourself becoming a a master marketer while making a positive impact through the work you do in the world.



    What if just one project in Zen CONNECT

    frees up one, five, or maybe more hours in your week to spend with your kids or doing something that brings you joy? 

    What if just one strategy in Zen CONNECT

    Sets off an automated customer journey that allows you to systematize your sales process that results in thousands of dollars in recurring revenue for you?

    What if just one idea in Zen CONNECT 

    Helps you reach hundreds (or even thousands!) of paying clients? 

    Wouldn’t your ZEN CONNECT investment seem trivial compared to your growth, freedom and success? 


    I don’t want you to look back in 6 or even 12 months from now wondering what your business would look like without an audience of authentic connections and followers, an engaged list of email subscribers who actually buy from you, and a heart full of joy doing what you love everyday without wondering how you’re going to figure things out by yourself to grow and scale your business. 

    Now is the time to get the strategies, support and resources you need to CONNECT with your business in a new way -- a way that puts you on a sustainable path to marketing success!


    I love working with Jamie!

    Because of her, we’re making smarter marketing decisions based on email analytics and customer trends. I love that Jamie comes to the table with thoughtful, strategic ideas that move our business forward. Thank you!

    Selena Soo

    Everyone Loves a Good FAQ Section!

    Is this membership focused on marketing tactics? Or will you be talking about strategy?

    Strategy & tactics is like peanut butter and jelly. They’re both okay by themself, but magic happens when you mash ‘em together! :)

    The whole reason why I wanted to create Zen CONNECT was to give you a place where you can get practical, proven strategies for growing and scaling your business through email marketing and automation.

    I’ve got almost 10 years of experience in the online marketing space, have been behind the scenes of some of the best people in the business, and I want to give you a shortcut to marketing success so you can shorten the learning curve and spend more time doing what you love -- serving your people. 

    I have a team; can my Marketing Manager/VA/Team Member join under my membership?

    Short answer: yes. While this is on a bit of an honor system, your Zen CONNECT membership can be used by anyone directly on your team.

    What exactly is included in the monthly content?

    Each month I’ll introduce a marketing project or topic that will be the focus of all content/co-working and calls for that month. I’ll teach you what you need to know in the video training.

    You’ll get swipe files and templates to save time while you’re implementing them in your business. You’ll know what to include in your emails, how to position your message, how to use the right tone, and best of all: you won’t have to stare at a blank sheet of paper to get started.

    Each month will have opportunities for you to get direct support from me through group QA Calls, Co-Working and Office Hours. 

    How can I be sure this membership is a good fit for me?

    You need to be willing to show up and do the work.

    The videos, templates & swipe files are only 20% of the magic that happens in Zen CONNECT. The other 80% comes from our group calls, co-working sessions, and your questions that get answered when you raise your hand to get personalized strategic recommendations and consulting.

    Think of Zen CONNECT like a fitness plan for your marketing.I can give you a plan to follow, but you need to consistently do the work to see the results.


    What will I get in Zen CONNECT that I can’t find elsewhere on the internet?

    The true value of Zen CONNECT lies in ACCOUNTABILITY. One of the biggest reasons that I hear people have trouble with marketing is the lack of accountability for actually following through on the work that needs to be done.

    Zen CONNECT creates a container for growth and learning to surround you with training, a safe space to ask questions, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs -- all of whom are working to be better versions of themselves and create better versions of their business. 

    What’s the Success Pathway for Service Providers?

     The Success Pathway for Service Providers is a roadmap I created to help you identify the stage of business you’re in and what you need to do to advance to the next stage.

    It will also guide you to content within the Zen CONNECT membership that will be most impactful for you based on the stage you’re in and help you track your progress as you move towards becoming a master marketer. 


    Choose the Zen CONNECT plan that best fits you!

    You'll get instant access to the Members' Area immediately after completing the checkout process. 

    You can cancel anytime.

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